Is Halitosis Contagious?

Halitosis, constant and persistent bad breath, is a common problem among adults and children alike. This condition is noticeable by others but not always by the holder. It can however, be an embarrassment to the holder of this condition and as others may notice, they often become afraid that it will be contagious. In order to answer the question of if this condition is contagious or not, we must first know what causes it.

There are several main causes to chronic bad breath and halitosis. Among these are dry mouth, sinus infections, eating habits, gingivitis, smoking, and alcohol, extreme dieting, stress, and vitamin supplements. All of these cause halitosis and bad breath, so and it can often be fixed by changing these habits.The mouth has natural bacteria in it. This bacterium reacts with food and mucus in order to emit odors that are known as halitosis, resulting in bad breath. The bacteria in the mouth is natural and not to be taken on itself, but to cure halitosis it is important to take on the root of the chemicals that cause bacteria to emit a bad odor and the bacteria itself.

Knowing that the bacteria is ever present, the next question becomes is if one through kissing could transfer their partners bacteria into their own mouth, causing them to catch this condition. There is good news and bad news to this question. The bad news is that yes this bacteria can enter your mouth through kissing. The good news is that this bacteria will not give you bad breath there meaning it is not contagious!

While bacteria may enter your mouth it is not the bacteria that causes bad breath. It is the stimulus that give rise to the bad odor for this bacterium. As long as your habits are not the ones that cause this condition, you will not catch someone’s halitosis or bad breath.

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