What are Some of the Signs of Halitosis?

Halitosis is a condition that causes chronic bad breath. Bad breath is by far the most common of the Halitosis signs. This condition is usually not caused by anything serious, but it can be quite frustrating to live with. People who have halitosis may have trouble going through life because there is a social stigma associated with bad breath. Fortunately, there are ways that Halitosis can be cured before it wreaks havoc on a person’s professional and personal life.

Once one has identified the Halitosis signs, the next step is to identify the cause. Smoking damages a person’s teeth and gums, which can also cause bad breath. One of the ways that Halitosis can be cured is by stopping smoking. In fact, many people have experienced a relief from Halitosis and chronic bad breath after they have stopped smoking.

Diet is another one of the culprits behind Halitosis. Garlic, onions, spicy foods and chips are foods that can cause bad breath. It may be hard for people to give up those foods, but they should make sure that they brush or floss after ever meal to prevent halitosis from occurring. Additionally, brushing and flossing also removes food particles that can become lodged in the teeth.

A dry mouth can also lead to the development of halitosis. Dry mouth is a condition that may be caused by various illnesses or taking certain medications. Increasing one’s intake of water and fresh fruit juices can keep the mouth hydrated, which can also prevent bad breath from occurring.

Sometimes, it is hard to identify a cause for halitosis. People who have made changes in their lifestyle and still suffer from halitosis should consider using a few home remedies that have been proven to be effective. Avocado, Parsley and raw fruit juices are just a few of the home remedies that can treat and prevent Halitosis.

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